The Chronicle of Georgia: A Monument Inscribed with a Nation’s History

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The Chronicle of Georgia, also known as the History Memorial of Georgia, is a monumental complex located on the outskirts of Tbilisi that narrates the rich history and cultural identity of Georgia. Erected in the 1980s, this grandiose monument is adorned with sculptures and reliefs depicting significant events from Georgia’s timeline, spanning from the invention of the Georgian alphabet to the 20th century.

The Monument’s Story:

The Chronicle of Georgia emerged during the Soviet era as a symbol of Georgia’s national identity and aspirations for independence. The monument’s design was conceived by Georgian architect Zurab Tsereteli, harmoniously blending traditional elements of Georgian art with modern architecture.

Features of the Monument:

The monument complex comprises three primary sections:

  • History Museum: This section houses sculptures and reliefs portraying pivotal events in Georgia’s history, ranging from the creation of the Georgian alphabet to the 20th century. The sculptures depict Georgian kings, heroes, and artists, while the reliefs showcase scenes of battles, peace treaties, and other notable occurrences.
  • Pillars: The 30-meter-tall 16 pillars, the monument’s most striking feature, represent the 33 letters of the Georgian alphabet. The pillar tops are adorned with sculptures of Georgian national symbols and historical figures.
  • Open-Air Museum: The park surrounding the monument complex showcases historical stone artifacts from various regions of Georgia. These artifacts include crosses from churches, tombstones, and other religious and civil architectural elements.

Significance of the Monument:

The Chronicle of Georgia stands as one of Georgia’s most prominent tourist attractions. It embodies the richness and diversity of Georgian culture and history. Moreover, it serves as a significant symbol of Georgia’s national identity and its yearning for independence.

Reaching the Monument:

The Chronicle of Georgia is approximately 10 kilometers from Tbilisi’s city center. It is accessible by public transportation or private vehicle.


The Chronicle of Georgia is a must-visit destination for anyone seeking to delve into Georgia’s history and culture. The monument serves as a source of pride for the Georgian nation and offers a unique experience for visitors to Georgia.

Additional Information about the Monument:

  • The monument’s construction spanned a decade and upon its completion, it stood as one of the largest monuments in the Soviet Union.
  • Numerous cafes and restaurants offering Georgian cuisine are located within the park surrounding the monument.
  • Guided tours providing insights into Georgia’s history and culture are also available at the monument.


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